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A Circle of Exchange

Solo creation

Through the concepts of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response; the relaxing effects of whispering, soft repetitive sounds and visuals) and circus (aerial straps, hand-balancing and contortion) “A Circle of Exchange” dives into relationships between audience members, particularly to the meeting of “strangers”. With the help of some simple can-and-string telephones, it has been found that ‘play’ is an important addition to sharing in something greater than the awkwardness of first introductions.

Webbing Dress

Boost Productions

A contortionist, hand-balancing acrobat and musician -with his electric guitar- are stuck together in a bright pink web. Great fun because the web is elastic, so they bounce back and forth. Very inconvenient because if someone wants to leave, the other two have to come along… Moreover, all the acrobatic feats make the web twist and turn. This confuses the musician and prevents him from playing. Fortunately, the contortionist's limber body unravels the web. But then the acrobat is hiding something ... Will the others discover the secret? And are these three now trapped or is the bright pink web a really cool place to play?

Webbing Dress landscape.3.png


GOP Variety Theatre

(2022 + 2023)

There are so many aspects to the new. It is groundbreaking, future-oriented, cheeky, arousing, sometimes shrill and cross-border. Or it presents the classic in a new guise. But “Neo” always exudes this tingling freshness kick that nobody can escape. The GOP show of the same name serves its audience all these facets anew: Guests are the great discoveries of the festivals and circus schools of the world. And artists who are still young in years but have already earned the great medals of international stage art. 


Rotterdam director Yoka van Zuijlen and cinematographer Nanko Goeting made the artist docu ECHO specially commissioned by Circusstad Festival. The idea arose a few months ago when the scenario of a once again canceled festival loomed. Numerous artists were brought together who would initially perform during Circusstad Festival and searched for typical Rotterdam locations. Yoka Van Zuijlen and Nanko Goeting were given carte blanche and produced a spectacular circus film in three shooting days and countless hours behind the edit table.

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