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Types of Performance

Both of these categories relate to aerial, handstand and contortion performances.

  • ROVING is 3 x 10-15 minutes of an improvised performance that interacts with the audience and space.

  • An ACT is a 4-8 minute performance that creates an atmosphere and draws the attention of the event. Acts can be created in advance to fit a certain theme if required.

Basic Requirements

1. If you would like to have an aerial performance at your event you will need:


2. If you would like to have a contortion and/or handstand performance at your event you will need:

1a. A room with the minimum rigging height of 5 meters


1b. A rigging point located on structural supports such as L-beams, trussing, cross beams, crane, or on the ceiling. Any of these types of rigging points must be rated with a workload limit of min. 400kg

2a. A flat and stable performance stage or podium with a minimum size of 1x1m


Prices vary, so if you're interested in any of my material please send an email to detailing the following to receive a quotation:

        1) The type of performance you would like

        2) The event location

        3) The time of event 

        4) The amount of people attending the event

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